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THE BIRTH OF ASEAN (Archives about the Formation ASEAN, 1967 – 1976)

  • Koleksi
  • 1967 - 1976

The ASEAN Formation archives are a set of documents that record the establishment of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) from the five founding countries including namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The
documents comprise the ASEAN Declaration 1967 and other related archives. These archives consist of 16 textual files, 1 photo, 1 film, 3 audio files and 12 oral history interview recordings.
The archives described the foundation for ASEAN to turn neighbors into cordial friends and trust deficit into mutual trust, not only in the region but also beyond. Furthermore, the archives also provide the evidences that the newly independent countries, the relatively smaller states compared to the competing Great Powers, also have their own agency by which they shape international politics into a more peaceful and stable landscape. The archives also portrayed the role of ASEAN in preventing conflict and
achieving stability in the region where diverse political and cultural situations take place. In addition, ASEAN's diplomatic approach, instilled values, and unique characteristics provide lessons to other regions in the world.

The UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Archives (1995-2000)

  • Koleksi
  • 1995 - 2000

The Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu, West Java is a geological nature with geological heritage formed more than 65 million years ago (the Cretaceous Age), recognized as UNESCO Global Geopark (in 2018. The archive collections created in the process of recognition as Global Geopark, acquired by the West Java Provincial Archives, reflect its richness in geological heritage, biological and cultural diversity.

Arsip UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu

  • ID 15032 ID MKB 2022 CP
  • Koleksi
  • 1992 - 2021

Arsip UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGG) Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Kabupaten Sukabumi yang merupakan arsip-arsip yang tercipta dalam rangka pengakuan Kawasan Ciletuh sebagai Kawasan Geopark warisan dunia. Arsip-arsip proses pengajuan UGG secara administraif telah mulai tercipta sejak tahun 1992 sampai dengan terbitnya pengakuan Kawasan Ciletuh yang telah ditetapkan pada tanggal 17 April 2018 oleh Sidang Executive Board UNESCO.

Arsip Selokan Mataram Yogyakarta Kurun Waktu 1944 – 2021 sebagai Memori Kolektif Bangsa

  • ID 15032 MKB 2022
  • Koleksi
  • 1944 - 2021

Selokan Mataram memiliki dampak bagi sejarah dan budaya bangsa. Model kepemimpinan Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX yang memihak kepada rakyat serta berusaha untuk melindungi keselamatannya. Negosisasi dengan Jepang sekaligus menunjukkan kepeloporan beliau bagi kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara, serta wibawa Sultan di mata bangsa-bangsa di dunia.

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